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Luxury Headwrap Collection

African Head wrap "Purple Starburst" Chic

African Head wrap "Purple Starburst" Chic

$ 49.99

**** ONLY 1 in STOCK!! ***

Part of the newly launched Crown by Avalaura head wrap Chic Collection! #queenswherecrowns #wrapitup

If you love purple and red... you will love this African head wrap! This is a crowd favorite. It wa a hit at the Crown by Avalaura Trunk Show. However you wear it, it looks amazing! It is the epitome of elegance, beauty and wow! This one crown, gives you many different looks. This African head wrap is a beautiful wax fabric of purple, blue, red and peaks of cream. Its like a beautiful piece of art. A mandala on your head. Its nice stiff African wax fabric, so it easily holds any style, making it very flexible to work with. See below! 

If you want attention and a lot of fun, buy this African headwrap! I turn heads whenever I wear it! I wore this to the National Harbor on a beautiful Spring day and women kept stopping me, asking me about my Crown! My unique African head wraps turn more heads than even the thousand-dollar weaves!

This head wrap is perfect for the beautiful spring days, wispy summer and fall nights. Throw on a cute maxi dress and wedge heels or a simple jeans and t- shirt will do. You can absolutely dress this up too for a business or formal event too. My Facebook and Instagram friends loved it! 

Dress it up or dress it down! It all depends on your mood. However you rock it, you will love it!

Fabric: African wax fabric of purple, blue, red and peaks of cream
Size: 2 yards