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Luxury Headwrap Collection

Head Wrap "India" Couture

Head Wrap "India" Couture

$ 99.99

**** 2 Week Wait!****

Part of the newly launched Crown by Avalaura Couture head wrap Collection! #queenswherecrowns #wrapitup

WARNING!! This women's head wrap is drool worthy! Do not wear this  head wrap if you do NOT want oohs, aahs and stares of envy. This African headwrap is the epitome of show stopping, boldness, sexiness and confidence. In one word- it is stunning! 

You can't help, but stand out; it's simply striking! You will be the only woman in the room captivating all the attention from men and women. This African head wrap is High-End Couture Luxury for your head! It's stunning Silk Purple, Eggplant and Gold luxurious fabric backed with purple cotton.  Everytime I see it, it takes me back to the 5 weeks I spent in India studying yoga and meditation at an Ashram. 

If you want attention, buy this African headwrap! You will command the crowd. My unique African head wraps turn more heads than even the thousand-dollar weaves!

This head wrap is perfect for any special occasion. An Indian wedding, unconventional wedding, traditional wedding, Holiday Party, Anniversary, Birthday or a night out on the town. You can rock it any time of year and make a statement!

Be bold and wear it with a simple jeans and t-shirt or a HOT night out with your girls or your man! However you rock it, you will kill it! This is real ‎head wrap swag! One of my favorite pieces in the collection. I simply adore it!

Fabric: Stunning Silk Purple, Eggplant and Gold luxurious fabric backed with purple cotton.
Size: 2 yards