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Luxury Headwrap Collection

About Us

Embrace all that you are, in service to the world and to your highest and most incredible life; the journey waits for no one, it begins now.

As an intuitive consultant and life coach for over ten years, Avalaura has passionately helped women get unstuck, detox from limiting beliefs and dream big again so they live the lives they always dreamed of living and feel beautiful inside.

Now with Crown by Avalaura exclusive head wrap collection, she is helping women look and feel beautiful on the outside too.

For the last two years, Avalaura has worn head wraps daily, getting the attention from men and women on and off social media. After constantly being told how “fly” her head wraps are and consistently being urged to teach women how she wraps her hair, Crown by Avalaura was born.

Based in Maryland, in the DC metro area, she works with unique, bold, colorful fabrics from Africa, India and Asia. The more eye-catching the fabric, the better! Before Avalaura could even finish the website, two styles were completely sold out in a matter of days. Every woman should rock a beautiful crown. 

Queens Wear Crowns.. you should too!