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The Spiritual Art of Dream Interpretation On Demand Workshop

The Spiritual Art of Dream Interpretation On Demand Workshop

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Dreams are a vital aspect of our life, yet they are often misunderstood.  Dreams are a direct connection to God; a unique way that God communicates with us and provides assistance.

If you have ever tried to interpret your dreams, you have some idea how complex and difficult it can be. Our dreams are literally another language. It is similar to someone who speaks English trying to understand French, Arabic or German. If you do not know the language, you will not understand the symbols or messages in your dreams.

Even though dream interpretation can be complicated, understanding your dreams is very important.  Everything that occurs in your life has already occurred in your dreams. You are not aware of that because you either do not remember your dreams or do not understand them. Dreams give you great insight into your life and can significantly contribute to your healing and wellbeing. 

There are many factors to consider when interpreting your dreams. About 90% of people have symbolic dreams while only 10% have dreams that are more self-explanatory, but still may require some interpretation.  The vast majority of us will have to learn this new language in order to comprehend our dreams. Learn the language in this Dynamic New Course!

The Spiritual Art of Dream Interpretation: 3 Hidden Secrets to Interpreting your Dreams the Right Way course is the next best step to having your dreams professionally interpreted by a qualified dream interpreter! This one of a kind course taught by Avalaura is broken up into a 3 Week Training with three 90-minute Audio Lessons and transcripts. 

 Lesson 1: Everything you need to know to Interpret your dreams.

 Lesson 2: Dream Symbols: what are they and what do they mean?

 Lesson 3: The step by step process of interpreting dreams: interpreting actual dreams


2 Part Audio show featuring Avalaura's students discussing Dream Interpretation!